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Can you tell the difference between stamps that are worth a "pretty penny" from those that are only worth a few pence?

Take a look

Just for fun

Just for fun, we have put together a few examples of stamp "varieties" that can lead to high pricing valuations.

These examples are particularly "visual" in nature and come from a Modern QEII collection that we have recently been selling for a client.

Not all collections will have this type of material, known as “varieties”, or even individual high value "normal" stamps – however, because stamp collecting has many, many different facets and areas for collecting it can be enjoyed at a general or at a very specialised level.

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Have a look at the these examples and see if you can determine what it is that makes one stamp more valuable to a specialist collector than another one :

1:) What makes one of these blocks of 6 stamps approx 250 times more valuable than a similar one? Take a look

2:) What makes one of these machine dispensed booklets almost 40 times more valuable than a similar one ... And yet its name is "Old Spot Pig"? Take a look

3:) What makes a pleasant & seemingly normal Xmas stamp almost 1000 times more valuable than a similar one? Take a look

4:) What makes the stamp at the bottom left of this “block of 6” more attractive to some collectors than the other 5? Take a look

5:) What makes one of these booklets up to 6 times more valuable to a collector than a similar one – when there are NO differences in the stamps themselves! Take a look

6:) What makes a simple 1970’s stamp nearly 750 times more valuable than a similar one? Take a look


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