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Securing your collection

If it has ever concerned you as to what may happen to your collection in the event of your death, then be assured that this is something that many other collectors also ponder.

If you have not made any provision for the fate of your collection in the winding up of your estate, then we can offer a free service to assist you with this task.

In conjuntion with yourself, we can value and list your collections details, which can then be placed in our confidential database. A note will be placed with the collection, so that executors, trustees or future owners can contact us for advice and details of both the collections contents and its estimated value.

This will ensure that, at the very least, those entrusted with the disposal, or the safe keeping of, your valued collection, can and will make decisions from an advised and knowledgeable standpoint.

This is a “No cost and No obligation” service that we offer to collectors.

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