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Can you tell the difference between stamps that are worth a "pretty penny" from those that are only worth a few pence?

Take a look


Just for fun : Example 5

Both of these booklets have NO errors or differences on the stamps themselves – but why would one be almost 5 times more valuable than a similar one?

These 2 booklets are from the 1983 "Birthday Box" Booklet

image 1: There are no errors on these stamps.

image 2: No errors on these stamps either.


Answer: The difference is down to a ‘printer error’ with the booklet at the bottom showing incorrect postal rates of 30p & 37p in the 1st class row on the inside front cover.

The top booklet shows the "corrected" rate of 29p & 36p respectively on the inside front cover…. This, to collectors, makes the booklet more valuable!

image 1: the “corrected” postal rates of 29p and 36p..

image 2: incorrect postal rates of 30p and 37p.
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