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Can you tell the difference between stamps that are worth a "pretty penny" from those that are only worth a few pence?

Take a look


Just for fun : Example 4

Here is a lovely 1979 Marginal Block of 6 stamps that were issued to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the Metropolitan Police.

Can you spot why the lower left hand stamp is "different"? (hint : have a look at the top of the helmets!)

image 1: spot the difference?


Answer: This is known as the "bird on helmet" variety and although not quite what we know a robin or starling to look like, it is close enough to be named the way it is!

Interestingly, although the value of this one stamp is enhanced when on its own as a single stamp, the presence of the other 5 in the Block make this a far more attractive proposition to a "variety" collector, as it allows the error to be compared and to stand out from the normal stamps!

image 1: "bird on helmet" variety.
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