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Can you tell the difference between stamps that are worth a "pretty penny" from those that are only worth a few pence?

Take a look


Just for fun : Example 3

The 2 stamps below are from a stamp issue from Christmas 1973

The stamp on the left has a catalogue value of approx £140 and the one on the right only £0.15p! ... How long before you can see why?

image 1: the stamp on the left is worth approx £140,
the other only £0.15p, can you see why?


Answer: Did you spot this quite quickly ? – the robes on the King and the Page Boy on the left stamp have had the colour blue "omitted", which is a very sought after rarity in the stamp collecting world!

Once again, the Post Office and the printers of stamps will do all they can to prevent this type of printing error ever seeing the "light of day" ... But as you can see, and happily for collectors, they do not always succeed!

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