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Can you tell the difference between stamps that are worth a "pretty penny" from those that are only worth a few pence?

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Who are condor stamps ?

Condor Stamps is a Hampshire based company, dealing primarily with the valuation and sale of all philatelic items – this includes all eras, countries, stamp collecting areas and interests.

We have years of experience dealing with all areas of philately, and our motto is "Working with you and for you", meaning that, we offer our expertise and assistance to maximise the financial return on your property.

Do you have a stamp collection, or part of a collection that you wish to sell, but are unsure where to start or where to go for advice ?

We offer a range of services to suit you, the vendor, from outright cash purchase of your property, to a complete assistance & advice service (Partnership Sale) that will culminate in the most efficient sale of your collection. For more details please look at the Services we offer.

We are Buying Now

In order to fulfil the very strong and continuing demand from our customers for high quality material, we are always looking to purchase new collections, of any size.

We have unlimited cash funds available for Specialised collections or better single items. Naturally, all purchases are paid for immediately and in full.

Our requirements are for Great Britain, All World, Commonwealth/Empire & ‘niche’ type collections focussing on specific events or periods (George V Silver Jubilee, 1948 Silver Wedding, GB Wildings, GB Machins, to name just a few) so please call us today.

Knowledge base

We have years’ of experience, an extensive catalogue library and a network of contacts within the philatelic world that we can call on to assist in any and all aspects of valuation and sale.

As Einstein is attributed as saying "It’s not knowing everything that’s important, rather, knowing where to go for the information when you need it"

The personal touch
We understand that selling a stamp collection, whatever its size and scale, whether it be your own or one handed down through the family, can often be an emotive activity.
Once the decision is taken to "move on" a stamp collection, the next step can sometimes prove to be just as difficult.

You may be unsure where and how to start and some of the questions that you may find yourself asking, include:

Where/how can I get the collection valued ?
What are the options for selling ?
Will this take a lot of time and be difficult to achieve ?

As stamp collectors ourselves, we know the decisions that have to be made and also the hurdles that are faced in making these decisions - this is why we work closely with you throughout the buying/selling process.

Step one - an appraisal & verbal estimate of the collection. This can be effected, sometimes with a home visit depending on the scale of the collection, or at our premises. Click here to contact us.

Please Click here for advice/guidance on combined factors that determine the value of a stamp collection

Step two - If you are happy with our offer, we will make full, complete and immediate payment to you – it really is as simple as that !

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